Mail Form (English)

    ■ FAQ

    Q.Tax Free?
    A.YES, for International shipping.
    web price:11,000JPY(include 10% tax)

    tax free price:10,000JPY

    Q.Do you support international shipping?
    A.YES.We can Worldwide delivery.But,Guitar and Bass only.It is also possible to apply for CITES.

    Q.Can I choose a shipping company?
    A.No. EMS or UPS only.Normally, EMS is used.
    EMS Available countries

    Q.Please teach the payment method.
    A.Payment method is PAYPAL or bank transfer.add fee.

    Q.Do you speak English?
    A.No.You can use English when using email.

    ■ EMS estimate example

    Shipping :
    32,000JPY(to China)
    32,000JPY(to Great Britain,France)

    Insurance :
    700JPY(for 300,000JPY)
    1,200JPY(for 500,000JPY)

    Customs Fee (Japan):
    2,800JPY (When over 200,000JPY)

    ■ UPS estimate example

    Shipping :
    44,000JPY(to USA)
    44,000JPY(to Italy)

    Insurance :
    3,600JPY(for 300,000JPY)
    7,000JPY(for 600,000JPY)
    16,000JPY(for 1,400,000JPY)

    ■ Common

    Payment Fee :
    Bank Fee 5,000JPY
    Paypal Fee 5%
    ※"Bank fee" is a fee of Bank of Japan and your bank.

    and Product Price(tax free)

    ■ Inquiry