Mail Form (for Overseas)

    ■ FAQ (for Visit Store)

    Our store is reservation only.We don't speak English. so, we can't provide support for you. If the person you want to enter the store cannot speak Japanese, please make a reservation on the website at least 3 days in advance.

    Q.Do you speak English?
    A.No.Therefore, please complete all questions by email before coming to the store.

    Q.Tax Free?
    A.No.It is no tax free at the store.Tax free only for online shipping.

    Q.Can I purchase it in-store and have it shipped overseas?
    A.We can only ship to countries that can be shipped by EMS.
    EMS Available countries

    ■ FAQ (for Overseas Shipping)

    Q.Can I lower the price of the invoice?

    Q.I would like an estimate of shipping and insurance premiums.
    A.YES.You click [ Estimate for Overseas Customer ] from the each item page. You can check the estimated amount.
    Item page > [ Estimate for Overseas Customer ]

    Q.Tax Free?
    A.YES, Only Overseas shipping. Not supported in stores.
    web price:11,000JPY(include 10% tax)

    tax free price:11,000JPY/1.1=10,000JPY

    Q.Do you support Overseas shipping?
    A.YES.We can Worldwide delivery.But,Guitar and Bass only.It is also possible to apply for CITES.

    Q.Can I choose a shipping company?
    A.No. EMS or UPS only. Normally, EMS is used.
    EMS Available countries

    Q.Please let me know the payment method.
    A.Payment method is WISE, Bank transfer or PAYPAL.add fee.

    Q.Please let me know the delivery schedule.
    A.We will ship in about 3-7 business days after we receive the money.
    You should be able to receive it within 1-3 weeks.

    Q.Do you speak English?
    A.No.You can use English when using email.

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